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User-friendly NFT ID: EQBf14nJySjBETtjhwP_XYm8a_5_lmtLpf77XYZmTJkkug61
HEX NFT ID: 0:5fd789c9c928c1113b638703ff5d89bc6bfe7f966b4ba5fefb5d86664c9924ba
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Welcome to the world of fantasy and mysticism, where the atmosphere of absinthe and the emotional shock of the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic are intertwined in the unique NFT collection "CASTE Psychosis from absinthe: Covid228 first wave". Do not miss the opportunity to acquire a part of this magical world that will make you think, excite and amaze your imagination. Become the owner of a digital work of art that will bring unique energy and mystery to your collection. Immerse yourself in the world of "CASTE Psychosis from Absinthe: Covid228 first wave" and discover the unexplored facets of art and fantasy.

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Collection name: KASTA #The first wave

Collection description: This NFT collection is a collection of cans of snus "KASTA Covid 228: the first wave", each of which captures the wave of changes and challenges that we faced at the beginning of the pandemic. Each jar has become a testament to how the world has changed and how we as a society have adapted to new realities. The unique and artistic designs of each NFT jar capture the complex stories, emotions and experiences associated with the first wave of Covid-19. Get your exclusive NFT and capture this memorable period of history in your collection.

NFTs in collection: 1

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