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Gods and Cannabis

User-friendly collection ID: EQDznivJJ5MVc89Jk4iYtEzSRi_FD-0R6urzhScKBchkZdBC
HEX collection ID: 0:f39e2bc927931573cf49938898b44cd2462fc50fed11eaeaf385270a05c86465


🎄 Holy shit! Brace your buds for the Gods And Cannabis TON Collection by Legalize Belarus! Each NFT is a ticket to the Weedus Pantheon party — where good vibes and prosperity grow like weeds 😉 Legalize Belarus wishes you a great 2024 filled with giggles, green, and gains! Onwards and upwards!

This collection was created via the marketplace.

There are 420 NFTs in this collection.

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