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Last fetched: April 21, 2024, 6:09 a.m.


Durov's chairs

User-friendly collection ID: EQCjqCq2Qaiqtio1IlAm0EeIwWWLsKOI5flQFMqcCBVovhVi
HEX collection ID: 0:a3a82ab641a8aab62a35225026d04788c1658bb0a388e5f95014ca9c081568be


A unique collection of NFT chairs from Pavel Durov’s interview with Tucker Carlson. Sales start on April 20, 2024! Only 100 items! The chairs in Durov’s office are a smaller version of the project by Ekaterina Kurilova and Boris Yartsev; they came up with furniture based on the famous phrase about difficult choices. Now these unique chairs can be purchased in NFT format!

This collection was created via the marketplace.

There are 100 NFTs in this collection.

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