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Universal Basic Smartphone

User-friendly collection ID: EQC7Lh3nzKoSWcSaX_-ttuyEC7zpXKBsVgqQ-Lae_okZrUBF
HEX collection ID: 0:bb2e1de7ccaa1259c49a5fffadb6ec840bbce95ca06c560a90f8b69efe8919ad


Building an equitable digital economy for all Universal Basic Smartphone(UBS) is creating an equitable digital economy where everyone is fairly compensated for their data. In the era of AI, while we have little control over what happens to the data we produce, companies profit from it for free. UBS gives you the power to control and benefit from your data to build a future where everyone gets a share. UBS believes in a digital economy that gives back to those who participate

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